SatoSHE is an NFT project with the aim of empowering women artists from all over the world.

December 10th 2021

During the launch event, you will be able to meet the artists in a virtual space and connect with them directly and be the first who can purchase the SatoSHE collection NFT. There will be a limited amount of 20 NFTs.

If you want to be early, signup above or join our Discord

Recent Projects

Gabriela Shel

Gabriela Shel is an artist and illustrator working in games, publishing and in NFTs. She specializes in character art, portraits and fantasy illustrations of all kinds. She often features strong female characters in her works. Although she comes from a traditional art background, she now mostly works digitally.

Mako Zakaidze

I am Graphic/UI designer with 12 years of experience. I think that my imagination is my superpower. Design is my natural skill from childhood. All time I look at the world I want to make it more colorful and beautiful. I respect all the reviews and criticisms about my work and I try my heart and soul to ameliorate them.

Laura Notari

"Laura Notari is an abstract artist, a public certified accountant, and mother of Josephine. She studied Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, and during her entire life, she studied with several renowned painters and plastic artists. She has been engaged in painting, drawing, glasswork, ceramics, and sculpture during her career.

Mother Pop

Mother Pop is the pop artist alter ego of Cavanagh Foyle. She creates vibrant digital pop art with a distinctive retro twist. Mother Pop creations are always infused with her signature “squiggs”, making her art instantly recognisable.

Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell

I am a New Yorker cartoonist, comedian and author. My debut graphic memoir Murder Book is coming out this November through Andrews McMeel. I've illustrated books such as Feminist Fight Club and Are You My Uber? You can find me doing standup around New York!

Lidiya Zelke

Lidiya is multi disciplinary .She has been working in various organizations as a creative director and Art Director, Her Art works usually tells story of inner feelings how it reveals and create layers of ourselves every excitements , sense of anticipation , loneliness and how it cracks and polish us through out our journey of life by changing us irreversibly without even sensing it.

Laura Ma

"LAURA MA PHOTOGRAPHER - ART DIRECTOR & ARTIST Represented on My French Gallery (FR) - Art From Future (FI) - The Millennial (CA) - Based in Paris, France. “Through esoteric atmospheres bordering on the mystical, Laura Ma crosses influences without distinction of genres, cultures and origins.


"Jessica Soueidi is a Helsinki-based artist & entrepreneur whose paintings and drawings have been exhibited internationally, including in China, France, Singapore and the UK. Against the historical traditions of art, she composes works that represent women as complex, authentic human beings, removing them from their usual role as muses, decorations, trophies.

Event Details

Where: VSpace Virtual Space/Metaverse at and on

How: NFTs are minted by Layer Technologies. Layer empowers creators to launch their NFT business.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym of the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency. In 2008 Nakamoto authored the Bitcoin Whitepaper ( which details how Bitcoin could exist and how it can be used as global currency. Today, thousands of cryptocurrencies exist, all because of Satoshi’s original invention.

Many have said that Satoshi Nakamoto is one of the most influential agents of change in modern history. One of Satoshi’s most important contributions was to stay anonymous, thus creating financial model that is not owned by any specific organization or central authority.

It has always been assumed that Satoshi Nakamoto is man, but there is no evidence proving this to be true. We want to challenge conventional thinking and explore the possibility that Satoshi Nakamoto is actually female.

Layer ( is an NFT (Non Fungible Token) creation platform. An NFT is digital collectible. NFTs allow for the creation and ownership of unique 1 of 1 digital assets. Recently, NFTs have seen exponential growth with digital artwork being auctioned for Millions of dollars ( There is no guarantee that NFTs will sell for such levels going forward but since they are computer programs at their core, there is huge potential for disruption of existing businesses and opportunities for digital artists to unlock income streams never before possible.

Layer makes creating and buying NFTs super simple. Layer was co-founded by All Koretsky, Gary Riger, and Marin Romashko. Being that the Layer leadership team is women-led, we felt it important to change the current narrative and provide platform to empower women artists in the NFT space.

Project Goals:

  • Spotlight women artists from all over the world
  • Support women entering male-dominated industries including Blockchain and NFTs
  • Give back percentage of sales to women focused charities



  • 20 Women Artists around the globe across different mediaand expressions are working on their submissions.
  • Setup Discord with SatoSHE artists and their fans.
  • Giveaways in November granting special access to SatoSHE NFTs.


  • Special VIP DAY for early access participants
  • Meet SatoSHE artists 1 on 1 via a private invite-only session.
  • First to view and bid on SatoSHEs
  • Special surprise for participants ;)


  • Bid on your favorite SATOSHE artwork
  • Top artists will be invited to create additional pieces post-auction day
  • First access to upcoming collections will be given to NFT owners.


Participants will receive a verified badge and username preferences on Layer´s Marketplace.

Time to launch:

0D - 0H - 0M - 0S

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Layer Technologies

Layer is an NFT management platform for creators and their superfans. Layer’s solution is the simplest way to start your NFT business. Using Layer, artists and collectors can create and sell NFTs at scale. Layer provides creators with an instant NFT storefront and simple credit card checkout.